General Enquiries

  • What is GoldSeed.Capital?

    GoldSeed.Capital is a regional Fintech platform offering a full portfolio of alternative financing solutions across Peer-to-Business Lending and Equity Crowdfunding.

  • What is Crowndfunding with Equity?

    Crowdfunding with Equity is a new way to use the internet and social media to connect businesses trying to raise funding and Investors looking to invest in promising new Startups and Small-Medium Size Businesses (SMEs) efficiently.

  • What are the intended benefits with Equity for Entrepreneurs and SMEs?

    For Entrepreneurs and SMEs, it aims to provide a simpler and better way to raise fund online. Simpler, because you can leverage a standardized template and an easy online process to configure your fundraising request; Better as you can now leverage the full power of the internet such as digital and social media to market and PR your fundraising activities to raise Investor awareness and encourage their participation.

  • What are the intended benefits of Equity offers for Investors?

    For Investors, it aims to provide a more transparent and diversified approach to early stage investing. Each Offer will have a Q&A section where prospective Investors with different backgrounds, expertise and knowledge can post questions and comments about the investment opportunity. Depending on the minimum investment size of the Offers that Investors are assessing, Investors can potentially spread their Investments across multiple investment opportunities, hence diversifying their portfolio.

  • What is an Equity Issuer?

    An Issuer is a Corporation or Venture Capital Fund which is seeking to raise fund online through GoldSeed.Capital's platform. All Issuers must comply with GoldSeed.Capital's Membership Agreement and be vetted before launching Offers.

  • Who is eligible to become an Equity Issuer?

    For EUR and USD denominated Equity Offers: GoldSeed.Capital's aim is to facilitate fundraising for any company and venture capital fund anywhere in the world. For more details on eligibility, please review our Issuer Membership Agreement.

  • What is an Equity Offer?

    An Offer is the fundraising conducted by an Issuer which includes business proposal, financials, investment documents and other information required by GoldSeed.Capital.

  • Does GoldSeed.Capital review each Equity Offer before it is published?

    Yes. Each submitted Offer will need to undergo business and technical due diligence conducted by the GoldSeed.Capital Team and its Partners before being published on the platform. However, this review is not meant to recommend the investability of the business or guarantee investment returns. Each Investor will need to make their own investment decision.

  • Does GoldSeed.Capital review each Equity Offer's Q&A / Update section?

    GoldSeed.Capital does not review or approve the contents published in the Q&A / Updates section. These are "one-off communications" between Issuers and potential Investors and should be treated as one-on-one conversations. It is the responsibility of the Issuer to monitor and respond to questions raised in their Q&A / Forum and respond to the potential Investors accordingly. We are not able to remove Q&A / Updates content on request. However, we reserve the right to remove any contents in these sections that we consider spam, abuse or trolling.

  • Does GoldSeed.Capital advice as to where to invest?

    No. GoldSeed.Capital is not authorized to provide financial advice. While we confirm and approve all the information provided in each offer, we do not make our own judgment about whether it's a good investment opportunity or not.

  • Is GoldSeed.Capital a fund for Equity?

    No. When Investors invest in a business through GoldSeed.Capital, they invest solely in the single Offer that they've chosen.


  • Hwo can become an Investor?

    By submitting required information via GoldSeed.Capital website, everyone can become an Investor on GoldSeed.Capital Platform Investor. To begin the application process, signup and login to the website as Investor. Once your application has been approved, you will be a Qualified Investor and start making investments.

  • Why I should invest in Equity Offer?

    There are a number of reasons you may want to invest in an Offer: 1) To diversify your investment portfolio. 2) To make a return on your investment. 3) To help a friend launch their business. 4) To help small businesses. Investors should sought a diversification strategy when building an investment portfolio. Diversification involves spreading your money across multiple investments. Providing you with a greater peace of mind as your investments are affected by adverse market conditions and losses. However, it will not necessarily reduce the different types of risk.

  • How much I can invest in Equity Offer?

    As Investor you should only invest amounts that you are comfortable with based on the risk profile of the investments.

  • What do I get in exchange for my investment?

    For Equity Offer, you will become a shareholder of the Issuer. These shares may be direct shareholding or via a nominee. Please review each Offer in detail to see which is the case.

  • How much equity do Investors get for their Equity investment?

    Each Issuer decides the amount it wishes to raise in exchange for an agreed upon percentage of its equity, and each Investor's equity interest will be proportionate to the size of their investment.

  • Does the Issuer receive my investment right away?

    No. Your investment amount will be held in a Trustee Account until the end of the Offer period. Only in cases where the Offer reaches its minimum target amount prior to the expiry date of the Offer will the funds be transferred to the Issuer in exchange for the issuance of new shares to the Investors. If the Offer fails to reach its minimum target, then the funds will be returned to the participating Investors.

  • Can the Equity Issuer to reject your funds?

    Yes. During the cooling off period, the Issuer may decide to reject your funds at its own discretion. The cooling off period means six Business Days, or such other period as may be agreed by the Issuer and the Platform Operator in writing.

  • Is my Debt investment guaranteed?

    No. Despite some debt notes being personal/corporate guaranteed, it does not mean your investment will definitively be returned. You should notice that your investment will have risks. However, you will be able to invest in offers with different risk profiles. For example you will be able to find offers with collateral which are generally considered less risky than uncollateralized loans.

  • Can I withdraw/modify my investment Bid?

    Investors can cancel or modify their investment bids at any time during the cooling off period. You can cancel/modify your investment bid by contacting our team.

  • How will Investor make a return from an Equity Investment?

    Investors, who hold shares of a business, are entitled them to participate in selling off (for capital gains) when the business completes an IPO or a trade sell. In some cases, but rare, businesses will issue dividends to their shareholders.

  • What are the condition for fundraising to be considered succesful?

    An Equity fundraising campaign is considered successful when the funds raised have reached the minimum agreed target amount.

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